Project Description

Tehnilised andmed



MAX OUTPUT6,4 l/min5,71 l/min
MAX SIZE FILTER1 Gun - 0.043"
2 Guns - 0.033"
1 Gun - 0.036"
2 Guns - 0.026"
ENGINEPetrol 5,5 HP3 HP [220 V - 50 Hz]
WEIGHT72 Kg66 Kg
DIMENSIONSH: 84 cm W: 120 cm L:108 cmH: 84 cm W: 120 cm L:108 cm

Features and Characteristics

The new airless unit has been manufactured to fulfil the requirements of industrial painting when you need to spray professional textures in demanding applications. This hydraulic unit can be equipped with a petrol engine or electric motor to drive the piston pump. These can be easily interchanged according to our smart concept design. The application of the Airless technology allows high pressure spraying through atomization of air-free paint without mixing the components.

Fields of Application

· Large construction areas
· Bridges
· Underground constructions
· Cooling towers
· Water treatment plants
· Construction water-based paints
· Large residential and commercial areas

Coating Materials

· Water and solvent soluble coloured lacquers
· Synthetic resin lacquers
· Acrylic lacquers
· Epoxy lacquers
· Primers
· Varnishes and enamels
· Latex paints
· Reaction paints
· Dispersion paints
· Intumescent paints
· Thick-coat materials
· Fireproof materials
· Zinc powder paints
· Micaceous iron oxide paints
· Silicate
· Corrosion protection products
· Elastomeric coatings
· Plastera